Welcome Orbs Apparitions 54mm (White) Wheels



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  • Brand: Welcome
  • Type: Wheels
  • Availability: In Stock
Wheel size: 54mm
Wheel hardness:
Wheel Color: White

Orbs Apparitions Wheels are ready to hit the pavement and revamp your skateboard performance. With its 54mm diameter, you'll get more speed and smoother rolling with these white wheels from Orbs.

These stylish wheels will enhance any board they touch. Easily durable and strong enough to withstand spirited riding, they come in a classic white color – perfect for any setup. The wider design gives riders overall better control, allowing you to carve tight turns, ollie higher and perform tight tricks.

Whether you’re skating street, park or just cruising on the boardwalk, these Orbs Apparition Wheels won’t let you down. So why wait for performance upgrades? Get your hands on Orbs Apparitions today and upgrade your skateboarding game!

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