Butterfly Skull 8.5" (Gray) Deck


Introducing the striking DISORDER Butterfly Skull skateboard deck, a perfect blend of performance and style for skaters who dare to stand out. This deck features a captivating gray color scheme that sets the stage for the bold Butterfly Skull graphic—a symbol of both transformation and tenacity on the streets or at the park.

Crafted with a solid 8.5" width, this deck offers ample space for foot placement, ensuring stability and comfort during the most intricate tricks and transitions. Whether you're grinding rails or flying high on vert, the DISORDER Butterfly Skull deck is designed to withstand the rigors of hardcore skating.

Embrace the unique aesthetic and exceptional craftsmanship of the DISORDER Butterfly Skull skateboard deck, and elevate your skateboarding experience.

Product Details:

  • Model Name: Butterfly Skull
  • Vendor: DISORDER
  • Deck Size: 8.5"
  • Deck Color: Gray