Adams Bag Of Suck 8.75" Deck

$51.00 $99.00
By Enjoi

Experience the perfect blend of pop and performance with the Enjoi Adams Bag Of Suck 8.75" Deck. This skateboard deck delivers not only on striking visuals but also on the robust build quality Enjoi is renowned for. Constructed from high-grade maple, this deck ensures durability and a solid feel underfoot, ideal for skaters who demand reliability from their gear. Measuring 8.75 inches in width, this deck offers ample foot space for a stable ride and is excellent for both street and transition skating. Whether you're perfecting your flip tricks or dropping into a half-pipe, this wide platform ensures a confident and comfortable skating experience. The Adams Bag Of Suck model pays homage to Jerry Hsu's iconic video part with its unique graphics, making it a collectible item for fans and a distinctive piece for any skater's setup. Its mellow concave design gives you the precise control needed to execute technical maneuvers, while the moderate kick on the nose and tail aids in responsive pop. Join Enjoi's team of expert riders and embody the fun and irreverence that the brand stands for with this exceptional deck. **Features:** - **Brand:** Enjoi - **Model:** Adams Bag Of Suck 8.75" Deck - **Width:** 8.75" - **Construction:** High-grade maple for durability - **Concave:** Mellow for precise control - **Kick:** Moderate for responsive pop - **Graphics:** Commemorative design inspired by Jerry Hsu's legendary skate video part