Atiba X Ba X Interpol One-Off 8" (Multi) Deck

$74.00 $145.00
By Girl

The Atiba X Ba X Interpol One-Off skateboard deck by GIRL is a unique and stylish choice for skaters looking to make a statement on the ramps and streets. This 8" deck combines the iconic photography of Atiba Jefferson with the creative flair of Brian Anderson, all while celebrating the influential sounds of the band Interpol. The deck's size provides a versatile platform for both technical tricks and smooth cruising. Embrace the fusion of art, music, and skateboarding with the Atiba X Ba X Interpol One-Off.

Product Features:

  • Model Name: Atiba X Ba X Interpol One-Off
  • Vendor: GIRL
  • Deck Size: 8"
  • Deck Color: Custom design incorporating Atiba Jefferson's photography and Brian Anderson's creative vision.