Peace Bear 8.0" (Blue) Deck

$61.00 $121.00
By Grizzly

Peace Bear Skateboard Deck by GRIZZLY

Introducing the Peace Bear skateboard deck, a premium offering from the renowned skateboarding brand GRIZZLY. This deck is designed for skaters who demand both style and performance. With a deck size of 8.0 inches, it provides ample space for foot placement while ensuring a comfortable ride and responsive handling.

The Peace Bear deck comes in a striking blue color that not only stands out at the skatepark but also adds a touch of personality to your skateboarding setup. Whether you're performing technical tricks or cruising around, this deck is built to cater to various skateboarding styles and skill levels.

Embrace the spirit of skate culture and make a statement with the Peace Bear skateboard deck by GRIZZLY.

  • Model Name: Peace Bear
  • Vendor: GRIZZLY
  • Deck Size: 8.0"
  • Deck Color: Blue