Alarm - Conical 50mm (White/Red) Wheels

By Hazard

Product Type: Skateboard Wheels Brand: Hazard Model: Alarm - Conical 50mm (White/Red) Wheels Description: The Hazard Alarm Conical 50mm skateboard wheels are designed for skaters seeking a balance between speed and control. These wheels feature a unique white and red color scheme that stands out on the skatepark or street. The conical shape provides a more responsive ride and the 50mm size is perfect for technical skating or cruising around town. Constructed from high-quality urethane, these wheels offer a smooth roll and durable performance. Key Features: - Diameter: 50mm, ideal for technical and street skating - Shape: Conical profile ensures a lighter wheel with quick response - Color: Striking white with red accents for a standout appearance - Material: Premium urethane for a smooth ride and lasting durability - Hardness: Crafted to balance grip and slide capabilities - Set Includes: Four (4) wheels, ready to be mounted on your skateboard Please note that the bearings and spacers are sold separately. These wheels are recommended for skateboarders who value precision and style. Whether you're hitting the streets or the skate park, the Hazard Alarm Conical 50mm wheels are built to deliver performance and durability.