101 Natas Dog Ht 8.25" (Brown) Deck


Embrace the nostalgia and quality of skateboarding's rich history with the Heritage 101 Natas Dog HT 8.25" (Brown) Deck. This exceptional board pays homage to the iconic graphics and influential design of a bygone era, revamped for today's modern skater with superior craftsmanship and performance. The deck features a classic and instantly recognizable graphic of the infamous Natas Kaupas dog in a rich, earthy brown tone. The image is applied using a cutting-edge heat transfer process, ensuring vibrant, long-lasting color and intricate detail that withstands the test of time and abrasion. Constructed from high-grade maple wood, the Heritage 101 Natas Dog offers an ideal balance of strength and flexibility, making it perfect for skaters looking to nail technical tricks or cruise through the park with confidence and style. With its moderate concave and well-engineered shape, the deck provides excellent foot traction and responsive control, whether you're executing flip tricks or carving on ramps. At 8.25 inches in width, this deck is versatile for a wide array of riders—spacious enough for stable foot placement while still allowing for nimble maneuverability. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this deck will serve as a reliable foundation for your setup. Every Heritage 101 Natas Dog deck comes with a sense of pedigree—a tribute to the sport's pioneers and a mark of quality for those who know and respect the roots of skate culture. Features:

  • Brand: Heritage
  • Model: 101 Natas Dog HT 8.25" (Brown) Deck
  • Width: 8.25 inches - a versatile size for various styles of skating
  • Durable heat transfer graphic of the classic Natas Kaupas dog
  • Construction: Premium maple wood for strength and flexibility
  • Concave: Moderate for enhanced control during tricks and transitions