Letitica Bufoni tells about Olympics and woman skateboarding

In this interview published on the Olympics website, Leticia Bufoni gives her thoughts about woman skateboarding before the Olympics that took place in Tokyo in 2021 - instead of 2020 because of Covid (we might actually discuss later on what Covid had as an influence on skateboarding practice…).

Anyways, Leticia tells us how the perception around women's skateboarding has changed over the years; this subject is very important to us at Boardary and we try to capture that story.


"Women’s skateboarding has changed a lot in the past few years. Now, finally, we have respect. And a lot of people that don’t know anything about skateboarding and meet a skater girl, they just think it is awesome.

When I started skating back in the days, almost 20 years ago, when I used to tell people that I skateboard, everyone looked at me and was like: “You skateboard? That’s not for girls!”

Now everyone thinks it’s awesome, because women’s skateboarding has grown so much in the past few years.

When I started skating, my dad didn’t like skateboarding at all. He thought that skateboarding was just for guys not not for girls. It took me a little bit to finally convince him that skateboarding was for everyone and not just for guys.

After I convinced him, after he went to my first content, he fell in love with skateboarding, he is a big fan and he loves that skateboarding is going to be in the olympics. I think is moe excited that I am!

With skateboarding being in the Olympics for the first time, our sport has changed a lot.  We have way more support now, we have way more people skateboarding. It’s only growing, this sport, bigger and bigger every year since they announce Olympics inclusion in 2016.

It’s only going to be great for skateboarding. I think skateboarding is going to make the Olympics become a newer sport. Skateboarding is just going to bring a younger audience to watch the Olympics, like skateboarding, surfing, all the new sports.

The new generation of skateboarding is getting crazy good. It’s insane to see how women’s level has grown so fast. The future is bright and I am really excited to see how women’s skateboarding is going to be in five years. I think it’s going to be just insane!”



At Boardary, we agree completely with those statements! Leticia being such a drive in this

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