Skateboarding. One of the coolest thing to do on Earth! Boardary is the skate shop that provides all the necessary hardware to practice it: decks, trucks, grip tape, bearings and other accessories.


Boardary was built by skaters for skaters around a common passion: fall a lot on our asses and break something once in a while ride in parks, on the streets or just on flat ground playing tricks. From our years of skateboarding, it became clear that hardware is not sufficient to make a good skater. Resilience, patience, athleticism - you name it - take a huge part in the process. Yet, riding the wrong gear for a given style does not help. We decided to scout for quality gear and put it here, at the best price possible. And we will help you make the best choices, for instance by checking our guide to choose skateboard wheels.


The recent years have seen the emergence of a new scene in skateboard. What was mostly a guys' sport, skateboarding is now enjoyed by women around the world. The new generation does not make the difference and Boardary, as a skate shop wants to be part of that new wave.


We want to promote emerging brands whilst having the big, reliable names in stock. That's why you'll be able to find Girl, Spitfire, Santa Cruz along with Housewife skateboards,Meow or Monarch Project in our catalog! Basically, you can be sure to find what you are looking for in our online shop. Have you heard of Krux, Krooked or Autonomy? Well, now you have and they are on Boardary! We do follow closely what is going on in the world of skateboarding. We update our catalog every season that passes.


We do take the greatest care to send the goods from our skate shop. Our pride and joy is to have cardboard boxes nicely tight and solid so you can enjoy. We do ship mostly to Europe and have a great experience sending boards, trucks and wheels around the place. We also do take pride of answering every incoming inquiry and contact, in a timely manner. We want to make the experience with our online skate shop as qualitative as if you were at a local store. Quick feedbacks and good communication is what we are about. To sum up: here for you! Drop us a line if you have questions.