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Cliché is a French skateboard brand founded by Jérémie Daclin from Lyon in 1997.

Passionate and full of optimism, he then became interested in the skateboard market, already very popular with Americans.

However, Jérémie Daclin is taking a rather risky bet: offering an alternative to American skate brands by betting on a 100% European product.

Thanks to the help of a competent team, the success of Cliché quickly sees the light of day.

In 2000, the brand's first video was released, titled “Europa”.

They then demonstrate to the general public, the talent of European skateboarding.

In 10 years, Cliché has been able to create a place for itself in this market and has a reputation on the world level! Something to reward his ambitions and his efforts.

Its operation is simple: produce and market quality products, always enhancing the European image.

Its international dimension, notably marked by the acquisition of Joey Brezinski, led Cliché to obtain the award for the best team of the year, given by Transworld Magazine, live from California.

Acquired by the American giant Dwindle Distribution, the European brand obtained significant support allowing it to take off and conquer the American and Chinese markets.

Today, the reliability and quality of Cliché products does not lose its brilliance and always strives to offer the best.
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