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Girl Skateboards was created in 1993 by a group of riders, namely Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Megan Baltimore, and Spike Jonze. The idea was simple: having fun and not taking themselves too seriously. This was because they were frustrated by the short careers of professional skateboarders, who were being replaced by new riders at a furious pace.

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Girl Skateboards started in August 1993 in Torrance, California. skateboard brands in the world. They are known for creating incredible quality skateboards and for their influence on the professional skateboarding scene.

We get asked the question a lot: are Girl Skateboards any good? Well, we think Girl skateboards are perfect for beginners because they offer a stable, smooth ride and are incredibly durable. Beginners damage their boards when learning to ride and perform their first tricks (we’ve all been there!!). Their durability is actually perfect to start skateboarding.


Girl Skateboards started in August 1993 in Torrance, California and is one f the original skateboard brands, based in California.
Initially the company only created professional quality skateboards, but it has expanded to offer complete skateboards, wheels, bearings, clothing, and even films and media. The Girl Skateboarding team noticed a lack of quality in pro skateboards in the early 1990s and decided to make their own.

Within a few years, they began to grow at a tremendous rate as experienced skaters and pro skaters realized that the quality of their decks was far superior to many other brands on the market at that time. Girl Skateboards started to sponsor riders and pro events to be able to reach their customer base.

As the brand grew, it began to sell skateboards of different sizes and expanded into other products such as complete skateboards, skateboard wheels, trucks, bearings, and eventually skateboard apparel.


Andy Jenkins said that the name “Girl” came from someone telling Rick Howard that he "skated like a girl", they thought it was funny and used it. The Girl Skateboards logo was designed by Andy who was head of their art department for many years.
Here’s a cool video that was released around the 20th birthday of the brand, telling a somewhat different story. Always difficult to get the story straight nearly 3 decades later!


The Girl Skateboard team has become one of the most popular and respected skateboard brands in the market and they show no signs of slowing down. They work with the Girl Distribution network which includes other skateboard brands such as Chocolate Skateboards, Royal Trucks, Lakai Footwear, and others to sell their products worldwide.

The Girl team has evolved quite a lot over the years. You can find some top skateboarders in their early roster. For instance, they had Eric Koston and Guy Mariano until 2015. The team in 2022 can count on Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Jeron Wilson, Rick McCrank, Sean Malto, Mike Mo Capaldi, Cory Kennedy, Andrew Brophy, Tyler Pacheco, Simon Bannerot, Griffin Gass, Niels Bennett and Breana Geering.

Last but not least - and it’s important for us at Boardary, they added their first girl to their pro team with the Canadian Breana Geering in 2019.


Breana Geering is from British Columbia in Canada, born in 1998.
She started skateboarding after finding an old board from her sister in the garage. The passion picked up from there.
Yet, the early days were as hard as anybody entering the world of skateboarding. The tough part is to see what other people do as what you want to do but to be stuck in the “beginner box” for a couple of years while figuring how to ollie and so on.
In 2018, Geering won 1st place in the Advanced category at the 4th Annual Stop, Drop, and Roll ladies’ skate contest at Quilchena Park in Vancouver, Canada. Breana still mentions in interviews that she’s not keen on competition and so on, having been invited once to the X Games. She was part of the Credits video that came out at the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic.

About woman skateboarding, she said in 2021 : “I’ve only been skating for ten years so girls were around then, but I was watching the Girls Skate Network and they weren’t getting shine and they were all really good”. She mentioned that even though it could have been a communication action from brands to have one “token girl” in a team, Breana reckons that this helped to open up as more girls were added to teams.