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Independent truck co a.k.a Indy has been known for years as a "hardcore" brand in skateboarding. However, the Independent brand is best known for its very high quality skateboard trucks. These trucks have been the number one choice of pro skaters since 1978. 

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Pros like Eric Koston, Andrew Reynolds, Danny Way and most recently Tony Hawk wouldn't ride on anything else.

They made that quality choice, just like millions of other skaters around the world have. Besides trucks, Independent makes clothing, caps and accessories, which are instantly recognizable with the iconic cross logo. A bit of history to go back: the Independent brand was founded in 1978 by Fausto Vitello. Its creation was intended as a response to the lack of quality trucks for skateboards on the market at the time. The first truck Indy released was the Stage 1. Since then, the brand's trucks have been constantly improved and redesigned.

Stage 1 will be followed by Stage 2 and the INDEPENDENT truck will have continued to evolve over the years to meet the needs of riders. INDEPENDENT now offers the most complete range on the market with 7 different truck sizes to adapt to all board models on the market. Because this is the essential element for choosing the right trucks: the size! And yes ! Size matters! To get the most out of your skateboard, the width of your trucks must be adapted to the width of your board. Here is a small table that will allow you to find your bearings easily and to choose the model of INDEPENDENT trucks in line with the size of board that you like to ride.

The Forged Stage 10 (also known as "Stage X") is a very strong baseplate, which is manufactured using a block of aluminum under a high pressure mold. This construction is lighter compared to other baseplates in the industry. It has an overall cleaner look and a high strength-to-weight ratio. It uses a hollow body with light weight aluminum shed with urethane rebound pads. All of these items are guaranteed by Independent Truck Co. for life! The Stage 10 Low has a similar construction and design to the Stage 10, with a smaller hanger height.


Here is a size chart of all Independent trucks currently available on the market.

Independent trucks size chart

Of course Independent has diversified and doesn't just do trucks. You will find t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and the whole range of hardcore skateboarders.