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Krooked Skateboards is an atypical brand. Krooked was founded in San Francisco by pro skateboarder and artist Mark Gonzales. It is therefore quite natural that he is also the artistic director of the brand. In fact, more than just an art director, Mark Gonzales is responsible for all graphics for Krooked, all drawings, all advertisements and art. The result is then known and visible to thousands of fans around the world.

All Krooked products, including skateboard decks, wheels, T-shirts and other items are instantly recognizable, thanks to Gonz's bright, original and fresh artwork. Gonz, as Mark Gonzales is commonly known, is a pioneer of modern street skating. He was the first skater to successfully ollie the Embarcadero gap, since renamed the Gonz-gap. He was also the first skater to ride handrails. Just that ! Before he started Krooked, he used to ride for Real and Blind, a company he started as a distributor for his former sponsor, Vision.

Mark Gonzales Vision Skateboards

 Besides Gonzales, Krooked's pro  team consists of skateboarders Mike Anderson, Dan Drehobl and Bobby Worrest. These team skaters all have their own pro model, but Krooked also produces so-called guest boards, from pro skaters from other companies. The Krooked brand also offers fabulous and large cruisers like the Zip Zinger, the Zig Zagger and the GonzSweatpants. Krooked skateboard decks are made in the same factory that produces the Real and Anti Hero deck models. These products are said to be equally strong and durable, but the great bonus about Krooked models is that you get the same quality for a lot less money.

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