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    Mini Logo was not yet born and the skateboard industry was new to the idea of "blank" product. Spring 1996 was the first time Powell Skateboards (pre-cursor to Skate One) offered "blank" product and planted the seed for Mini Logo to be born...

    Summer 1996 saw the Powell Skateboards "Blank" decks and wheels change into Mini Logo Decks and Mini Logo Wheels. This was the first time "Mini Logo" had been introduced to the skateboard industry. SST treatment introduced to Mini Logo decks.

    Mini Logo Decks and Wheels were re-named as "Powell Mini Logo" decks and wheels to demonstrate where the "new" less expensive product was coming from. And yes those are 46mm wheels inhte picture!!!

    It's hard to believe that Mini Logo shook the skateboard industry up so much 17+ years ago!
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