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Thunder Trucks was founded in San Francisco in 1986 and are part of the famous Deluxe Distribution company. It was tough competing with brands like Independent, Tracker and Gullwing, but Thunder fought for their spot in the scene and reamins an industry leader to this day. Their trucks are produced by Ermico Enterprises on location in San Francisco. Ermico is the only foundry in the States which focuses exclusively on the production of skateboard trucks and can be considered “specialists”. No wonder DLX has been relying on Ermico’s expertise since day one!

Thunder Trucks have a particularly stable design and are extremely lightweight. New innovations like hollow kingpins in Thunder Lights, hollow axles and kingpins in Thunder Hollow Lights or “Titan” constructions such as the Thunder Titanium Lights reduce the weight of a truck even further, and that’s all without decreasing its stability. All Thunder trucks include a special kingpin construction which allows for the optimally centered insertion of the kingpin into the baseplate. That makes your turns direct, balanced and gives your trucks a ridiculously fast reaction time. Thunder Trucks have a wide variety of well thought-out, technical tricks up their sleeve which are guaranteed to improve your next session in a big way.

THUNDER TRUCKS 145, 147, 149 & 151
Thunder Trucks come in the widths 145, 147, 149 & 151mm, meaning you’re guaranteed to find one to fit your deck perfectly. Their wide selection of low profile trucks appeal to street purists. Thunder Trucks were also the very first to create signature trucks with personal designs for their team riders. It didn’t take long for every truck company under the sun to follow suit. The company’s got a serious list of rippers on their team, all vouching for Thunder’s quality. The list includes names like Jamie Thomas, Jamie Foy, Miles Silvas, Tyshawn Jones, Sean Malto, Leo Romero, Mark Appleyard, Bryan Herman, Ishod Wair and Mark Suciu along with many others.
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