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Venture Trucks first hit the market in the 1980’s and were the third brand to come out of the Ermico camp. Ermico was a manufacturer founded by Fausto Vitello. Fausto manufactured trucks for Independent & Thunder and was also involved with Thrasher, Deluxe and many other iconic San Fransisco skate brands.

Originally Venture Trucks were launched as a third tier to the other two Ermico truck brands as a price point truck. But the timing was right as there was a shift in the way skateboarders were using the streets. Ventures were lighter and soon street skateboarders took notice of this relatively unknown brand. Not long after Mark Gonzales started riding them and some of the best street skaters soon followed. The rest is history.

A new style of trucks for a new style of skateboarding.
In the early 1990’s Greg Carroll & Keith Cochrane (who along with Don Fisher ran Think Skateboards) redesigned the trucks. they launched the lower profile ‘Featherlight’ which had some new design features for the different types of street skating that were evolving.

They were the first to hit the market with a new smaller hole pattern which shifted the front truck holes back to the 53mm position. This stopped your mounting hardware from getting shredded on nose and tail slides which were getting longer and faster at the time. It was the era of big pants and small wheels and Venture Trucks had the right design for the time.

Although they are considered a street truck, they are pretty much perfect for any terrain. You may remember this article about getting some basic trucks to get you rolling. In it we feature the ‘Ermico Three’. Independent, Thunder and Venture Trucks. Remember them in that order and you’ll remember how they turn. Indy’s have the most ‘stable’ geometry and largest turning circle, Venture Trucks have the sharpest turn and smallest turning circle. Thunder Trucks fit smack dab in the middle. Wide, medium, sharp. How do you want your trucks to turn?

Did you know you can change your wheel-base by using different trucks?
It’s true, you can pretty much add an extra 1/2″ by using Indys over Venture Trucks. And you have about a 1/4″ difference with Thunders in the middle either way.

So here are the three Venture Trucks currently available. There are regular Lo’s and Hi’s available. They come in regular silver finish, a bunch of colours and pro livery. Venture Trucks are ‘Always on the Grind’.
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