Carousel Logo 8.25" (Blue) Deck

90.00 €

Introducing the Carousel Logo skateboard deck from the creative minds at STRANGELOVE. This deck is a perfect blend of style and performance, designed for skaters who demand quality and want to stand out at the park. The deck size measures a versatile 8.25", making it ideal for a wide range of skateboarding styles, from street to ramp.

Finished in a striking blue color, the Carousel Logo deck is not just about performance, it's also a statement piece. Whether you're performing technical tricks or cruising around, this deck will surely turn heads. STRANGELOVE is known for its unique approach to skateboarding culture, and this model is no exception, embodying the brand's signature aesthetic.

  • Model Name: Carousel Logo
  • Deck Size: 8.25"
  • Deck Color: Blue