Carousel Logo Red 8.75" (Red) Deck

90.00 €

Introducing the eye-catching Carousel Logo Red skateboard deck from the creative minds at STRANGELOVE. This deck is not only a vibrant addition to your skate collection but also a testament to STRANGELOVE's commitment to quality and style. The deck size measures a versatile 8.75", making it ideal for skaters who enjoy a wider platform for stability and comfort during tricks and transitions.

The Carousel Logo Red deck boasts a bold red color, ensuring that you stand out at the skatepark or on the streets. Whether you're a seasoned skater or just starting out, this STRANGELOVE deck is designed to deliver performance and durability while maintaining a sleek and stylish aesthetic.

  • Model: Carousel Logo Red
  • Deck Size: 8.75"
  • Deck Color: Red