101 Natas Dog Sp 7.88" (Black/Veneer) Deck


Unleash your skating potential with the Heritage 101 Natas Dog SP 7.88" Deck, a timeless classic infused with modern skate technology. Embrace the nostalgia of the iconic Natas Kaupas signature deck, tastefully presented in a striking black and veneer colorway. Constructed for superior durability and performance, this deck delivers the perfect balance between width and maneuverability, ideal for skaters looking to advance their street and park skills. Crafted with the highest quality materials, the Heritage 101 Natas Dog SP deck offers both resilience and pop. Whether you're grinding rails, hitting the half-pipe, or cruising around town, this deck provides a reliable foundation for all your skateboarding needs. Its moderate size allows for precise board control, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced riders. Distinctly adorned with the captivating and unmistakable 101 Natas Dog graphic, this deck not only serves as a piece of skateboarding heritage but also makes a bold statement under your feet. Step onto this deck and stand out at your local skate spot with this piece of skating history. **Product Features:** - **Model:** Heritage 101 Natas Dog SP 7.88" Deck - **Deck Size:** 7.88" – an excellent choice for varied skateboarding styles. - **Color Scheme:** Striking black with natural veneer highlights. - **Construction:** High-quality material for long-lasting pop and durability. - **Design:** Classic Natas Kaupas signature artwork. - **Versatility:** Ideal for both street and park skateboarding. Whether you're looking to pay homage to the golden era of skateboarding or just searching for a solid and stylish deck to upgrade your setup, the Heritage 101 Natas Dog SP 7.88" (Black/Veneer) Deck is your go-to choice. Get ready to carve your legacy into the streets and leave your mark with this iconic skateboard deck.