101 Natas Dog Sp 7.88" (Blue/Veneer) Deck


Hit the streets in style with the **Heritage 101 Natas Dog SP 7.88" (Blue/Veneer) Deck**, a premium-quality skateboard deck infused with classic aesthetics and modern performance. This deck harks back to the golden era of skateboarding, featuring a bold blue colorway accented by a natural wood veneer that brings a bit of nature right under your feet. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the artwork is screen-printed to ensure enduring vibrancy and a professional finish that stands up to the wear and tear of rigorous skate sessions. Its durable construction and versatile 7.88" width make it a perfect platform for both street and ramp skating, offering a solid balance between maneuverability and stability. Whether you’re perfecting your ollies or sliding through a grind, this Heritage deck provides the backbone you need for optimum performance. Its medium concave design allows for better control and easier trick execution, making it an ideal choice for both seasoned skaters and those ready to kickflip into the skate scene. Key Features: - **Durable 7.88" width**: Versatile size for technical street skating and stability. - **Classic blue veneer**: Timeless design that stands out in any skatepark. - **Screen-printed artwork**: Long-lasting and vibrant for a professional look. - **Medium concave**: Enhanced board feel for more precise maneuvers and tricks. Bring a piece of skateboarding history to your collection with the **Heritage 101 Natas Dog SP 7.88" (Blue/Veneer) Deck**, and experience the ultimate combination of style and substance on wheels.