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    Housewife Skateboards is an unapologetically female-owned and focused skateboard company created in New York City in 2017. It is our goal to provide skateboards and apparel that the badass women of skateboarding can identify with. But don't worry boys, you can shred in Housewife gear too!

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    How it all began…

    Charlotte got her first skateboard at the age of 7 and fell in love with the process of building a skateboard and wanted to share this experience with the world.

    In the USA, anyone can have their skateboard business these days. Charlotte wanted to create a female-focused skate company that people who were bold, tough and spirited could relate to. She fantasized about a narrative that critiqued the housewife culture of the 1950s and brought it into a different context. Hypothetically, what if these jaded housewives called each other up and said, "Yo Betsy, are you coming for a ride later?"

    Charlotte started Housewife in 2017, with a few hand-screened t-shirts, stickers, buttons and bandanas. Then the next step was getting decks, because what's a skateboard company without skateboards right? Housewife's skateboards are made and printed in the USA using the highest quality maple.

    Housewife organizes and sponsors skate meet events, competitions, and local pop-up vendor events around New York, Los Angeles, and other cities. Housewife also collaborates with other female-focused skateboarding groups in the United States, including Grl Swirl (NYC) and Quell Skateboarding.

    Learn more about the brand on Betsy's blog.


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