Geering Sanrio Kawaii Arcade 8" (Multi) Deck

$47.00 $94.00
By Girl

Calling all skateboarders! Introducing the Geering Sanrio Kawaii Arcade Skateboard Deck from Girl Skateboards - the perfect companion for your next ride! This product is made with quality in mind – a 7-ply maple construction and medium concave will provide you with a smooth, sturdy ride on any surface.
With measurements of 8” width, 31.5” length, 14” wheelbase, 6.75” nose and 6.55” tail, this board rides like a standard popsicle shape to give you all of the control as you take it for spin. Plus, it features an adorable Hello Kitty design and is Breana Geering's own pro model in collaboration with Sanrio – making it stand out amongst any other skateboard in the park! Get ready to make your statement on this stylish Girl Skateboards deck today.


Characteristics :
- Width: 8"
- Length: 31.5"
- Tail: 6.55"
- Nose: 6.75"
- Wheelbase: 14"
- Concave: medium
- Shape: G045