Butterfly Skull 8.25" (Gray) Deck

99.90 €

Butfly Skull Skateboard Deck by DISORDER

Embrace the perfect fusion of edgy design and robust performance with the Butterfly Skull skateboard deck from DISORDER. This deck features a striking graphic of a skull interlaced with butterflies, symbolizing a blend of grit and grace. At a versatile size of 8.25 inches, it caters to skaters of all styles, whether you're hitting the streets or shredding at the park.

The deck comes in a sleek gray color, providing a neutral background that makes the vivid graphic pop, ensuring you stand out in any crowd. Constructed with quality materials, the Butterfly Skull deck promises durability and a steady ride for skateboarders looking to push their limits.

  • Model: Butterfly Skull
  • Vendor: DISORDER
  • Deck Size: 8.25"
  • Deck Color: Gray